Everything has rules, right? Here's our Rules:
  1. No Sockpuppeting-Automatic ban for each account
  2. No Cursing. I don't care how mad you are.-2 Warnings
  3. No Talking back to an admin or a moderator.-Automatic ban
  4. No Banning somebody unless an admin asks you to.-Loss of Power
  5. No cyberbullying-Automatic Ban
  6. No being rude-1 warning
  7. No spamming-It depends on how many times
  8. No flooding chat with when you know you did something wrong-Automatic Ban
  9. No vandalizing pages; i.e., putting info you knew was false.-1 Warning
  10. No copying the same pages that have been made-2 Warnings
  11. NO fake names you must have a real name-1 warning
  12. Don't tell an admin or a moderator what to do. They should tell you what to do.-2 Warnings.
  13. All articles must be written in good faith.
    • No intention of malice.
    • People trying their best to do their best.
    • People trying their best to do their best for the greater good of the community.
    • Friendliness, honesty, caring.-Automatic Ban
  14. No being mean or rude to an admin.
  15. Edit your profile immediatly.-Deletion of Membership
  16. No asking personal questions.
  • How old are you?
  • Where do you live?
  • Or anything like that.

Possible answers to questions like that

  • You don't need to know.
  • You know you broke Rule #16, right?
  • No answer.

You get 3 Warnings, once you have used them up, you will be banned.

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